Who We Are

Plowshare Farm is an attempt to be responsive to the social, human, spiritual and ecological challenges of our times by working toward creating a genuinely inclusive environment where every person and every aspect of the natural world can be learned from and valued.

We are a small, thriving community where lives are shared, where nourishing the land in turn nourishes the individual who is tending that land, and where animal care creates the potential for people who are usually the care receivers to become the care givers. The pace of life is slower here to be all inclusive, and people with a wide range of abilities and capabilities can find meaningful work and self-respect. 

Nestled on over 200 acres in the countryside of southern New Hampshire, Plowshare Farm provides a peaceful setting of exceptional natural beauty. More..

Year of Volunteer Service at Plowshare Farm

Plowshare Farm is now accepting applications for our 2019-2020 year of volunteer service (beginning in August 2019). Serve for a year and gain insights for a lifetime! This is a great gap year opportunity for young people seeking new paths of learning between high school and college (or in a year off from college). For more information, click here.

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