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Lifesharing Coworker

Plowshare Farm strives to respond to the social, human, spiritual and ecological needs of our times. At Plowshare, people with a wide range of capabilities – including people with special needs – live and work side by side to build a caring, inclusive and sustainable community.


Do you wish for an integrated lifestyle for yourself (and your family) that values the human being, the earth, the home, practical arts, Waldorf education and the insights gained through Anthroposophy? Have you considered lifesharing?

Do you have some of these traits, related experiences and skills:

  • A passion for the Nurturing Arts, Practical Arts and Social Arts?
  • Living in community? Waldorf School teaching? Foundation in Anthroposophy?
  • Building maintenance and care? Mechanics/equipment care?
  • Home health care? Manual arts?
  • A homesteading impulse?
  • Spiritual striving?
  • Conservation/environmental stewardship?

As a lifesharing community grounded in Anthroposophy, we are innovators creating a model of social and ecological renewal.

If you’re someone with a pioneer spirit, there is room here to make a real contribution to building a sustainable community.

To learn more about opportunities to join the Plowshare community as a Lifesharing Coworker, please email or call (603) 547-2547.

Plowshare Farm offers a generous support package, including: room and board, health coverage, a retirement plan, a "cash benefit" income, and a contribution toward Waldorf education for coworker children.  Additionally, coworkers have 6 weeks annual vacation and two free days per week.

Plowshare Farm is a Camphill affiliate, a member of the Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development, and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.