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“I am a twenty year old young man from Germany.  I have been at Plowshare Farm as a volunteer for nearly one year.  As I end my time of service, I am grateful for all I have learned and become.  I am looking forward to returning to Plowshare Farm after I finish my studies, to see how everyone is doing and of course to see people busy at their tasks.”

--Christopher Witt. former volunteer

Service volunteers are an essential tone in the music of Plowshare Farm. While the rest of us remain more stable, the volunteers weave in and out adding variety and a larger perspective to the community.  Each year 7-10 people, usually younger people but often others as well, join the community.  The shortest term is during the summer when 1-2 people serve for 6-8 weeks helping with summer activities and the gardens.  Our core volunteers come for 11-12 months.  Most begin their term of service in early September and end their term in early August while one or more serve from spring to spring.  Volunteers find us through several international organizations or independently.

These volunteers add tremendously to daily life, lightening the load for householders, bringing diversity, interest and friendship to community residents.  In return, we hope to send volunteers out into the world after their terms of service with a broadened skill base, a deeper feeling of compassion for fellow human beings and having witnessed the possibility of another way of living.  Occasionally a volunteer may find his/her vocation in our tasks.  We then support the person in staying on after the service year to grow toward becoming a coworker.

For a general picture of what it means to volunteer with us, read our Volunteer Description.  For a more in-depth picture, read our Volunteer Responsibilities document.  If you are interested in submitting an application, you may download one below

Volunteer Description

Volunteer Responsibilities

Plowshare Farm Volunteer Application

Please contact us for further information.