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‘Plowshare Farm takes the concepts of Rehabilitation Medicine and Developmental Pediatrics out into real life, customizing for each resident a therapeutic environment for meaningful living and working.  Plowshare Farm has pulled it all together and it works.” 

  --Paul Corcoran, MD
    retired Harvard Medical School
    Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Watch a short video about life at Plowshare here!

Plowshare Farm is a lifesharing community where all people, be they developmentally disabled or otherwise challenged, are able to unfold their lives to the fullest potential. An extended family environment enables our residents to lead purposeful and rewarding lives while being supported through their challenges. They receive training and support in developing vocational and life skills, socially appropriate behavior, and effective methods of communication. The unique gifts of each individual are nurtured, and deep, caring, and lasting relationships are able to be formed. 

Life at Plowshare Farm is full of carefully chosen activities ranging from the educational, therapeutic, and vocational to the recreational and cultural. Its lifesharing homes, family farm, bakery and woodworking shops, and vocational training areas support growth and development of skills. It is a meaningful therapeutic alternative to both public and private institutions as well as traditional group homes.

Folks who come to Plowshare Farm have a wide variety of skills and needs.  Some people, who we refer to as apprentices, need to work on particular skills or are younger (21-28) and need be introduced to a variety of trades in order to find their own vocation.

As we are a farm-based, non-medical model community we are able to serve folks who are without nursing needs, who are generally healthy and who are ambulatory.

Though we are striving to create a tuition assistance endowment currently we are unable to offer this support.  The majority of our residents are privately funded while others receive support from their home State.  Our turnover rate is low and people who wish to join the community usually form relationship with us over time prior to acceptance. We also have several people who join us just for the daytime.

For further information about joining Plowshare Farm, either residentially or during the day, please contact us.