Plowshare Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

As part of the Camphill movement, here at Plowshare Farm we understand our mission in terms of “Three Essentials”: an active recognition of the wholeness and dignity of every human being; a commitment to self-development in the service of others; and the striving to create inclusive community. We hold these three essentials as ideals towards which we must constantly strive, inevitably fall short, and faithfully pursue.

We celebrate the diversity of the human experience. While the work of community-building invites us to explore our commonalities – across developmental differences, race/ethnicity, cultural background, language, and personal biography – it also calls us to honor and value the differences that make every human being unique. We recognize that it is only through weaving these differences together, constantly striving to meet each individual as a spiritually complete human being, that we create the fabric of truly inclusive community.

In this time as Black Lives Matter activists continue to raise calls for an end to violence against Black people and Black communities, demonstrating for policy changes to combat institutional racism and discrimination in our country, we recognize that silence is a form of complicity with the status quo. The status quo – where ongoing violence against Black people (and communities of color more broadly) takes human lives, robs families of loved ones, and treats the lives of Black people as if they do not matter – is unacceptable. We are called to speak up and show solidarity with those who demonstrate for racial justice and equity.

Honoring and upholding the dignity of every human life is essential to the mission and ideals of inclusive community-building we strive to embody at Plowshare Farm. Black lives matter.