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"Plowshare Farm is where I and my staff go to learn about creating a lifesharing community of the highest quality."

--Don Shumway
  Former President, Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center
  Former Commissioner, NH - DHHS

Our work is warmed by our friends far and wide who support us through encouragement and gifts of time, talent and resources and who challenge us not to rest on past accomplishments but to continually question, re-view and adapt ourselves to meet the ever-changing world before us.  This support emboldens us for the tasks ahead and fills us with gratitude. Thank you so much for your support!

A Tax-Smart Way to Give Under the New Tax Law: Give Directly from Your IRA Distribution!

Under the tax reform package passed in late 2017, many more Americans will find the increased standard deduction makes itemizing unnecessary, and therefore they will get no tax break for their charitable contributions. However, one group of taxpayers can still have the benefit of a lower federal tax because of charitable giving even though they select the standard deduction. Those over 70 ½, who must take required minimum distributions from their traditional IRA’s, can instruct their custodian to send money directly from their IRA to one or more 501(c)(3) nonprofit charities (like Plowshare!), and then exclude those gifts from their taxable income. This, even though these gifts are part of their required minimum distribution. The effect is the same as an additional deduction for the donation, even though they choose the standard deduction. Please consult your professional tax advisor if you'd like to consider directing a gift from your IRA distribution to Plowshare!

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Your Support Makes Plowshare Possible

We live simply and well and we are careful with our resources.  We raise money before we spend it therefore our debt is low and we are financially solid.  We are an excellent investment.

Yet we have needs. We also have lofty ideals which we strive daily to manifest in concrete reality. Though our basic needs are met through the operating budget we need help each year for maintenance and repairs.  With 4 homes, the community building, the barn, outbuildings and 200 acres maintenance is a sizeable and ongoing expense.

We are saving to build a care house so we can continue to meet people’s needs as they age and require more assistance.  

It is our hope and intention over the next few years to create a significant endowment for tuition assistance.  Is this audacious?  Probably yes.  Can it be done?  We think so.  Through generous support we have started a Tuition Assistance Fund of which only the interest is used.  With God’s grace, your philanthropy and by putting one foot in front of the other we will walk toward the ability to meet those in need regardless of financial ability.  

We are a small organization which, in order to preserve our unique character, will remain small. Our vision is mighty, our will is strong and we want to do more. Can you help us?

Plowshare Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.