Dairy Farmer

Plowshare Farm is seeking a Farmer to share in our lives and work on a small New England farm.

  • We strive to produce all vegetables, meat and dairy products for our community of about 50 people.
  • We need a knowledgeable and experienced farmer, who is open to biodynamic principles, to help sustain and carry forward our meat and dairy production.
  • We steward 5 houses, a community building, barn and outbuildings on 200 acres.  Our community includes families, couples and individuals some of whom have special needs.  We live ‘extended family’ style in warm and beautiful households of various sizes from 4 -11 people. Within the home every coworker has a private suite/apt. (depending on family size).
  • We have room for an individual, couple or family to join us.
  • Plowshare Farm seeks to meet living needs so that energy may be freed for vocations.  To that end Plowshare Farm provides for housing costs, most food, health care including a Health Saving Account contribution for expenses not covered by the insurance, a retirement plan, a ‘cash benefit’ income, and a contribution toward Waldorf education for coworker children.  Additionally coworkers have 6 weeks annual vacation and two free days per week.
  • Plowshare Farm supports completion of Biodynamic and/or Social Therapeutic trainings.
  • Our intentional community is formed out of the insights of Rudolf Steiner.

Please contact: Kimberly Dorn, 603.547.2547 or Kimberly@plowsharefarm.org for more information or to schedule a visit.