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"Plowshare Farm provides me a meaningful alternative to the mainstream concept of a 9-5 job while providing financial security and a fulfilling and challenging lifestyle."

-- Nina Giannotti, coworker

Plowshare Farm is an Anthroposophically-based, spiritually striving community which provides an opportunity to live your ideals within a community of care.  Coworkers are constantly being challenged and inspired by each other and community residents with whom they work.  Service at Plowshare Farm usually takes coworkers on a journey of self-transformation and often leads to significant personal development

Coworkers and their families live in extended family homes of various sizes.  Most coworkers are householders who are responsible for a particular household and also carry a particular craft such as woodworking, handcrafts, pottery, farming etc.

There is room here for folks with a pioneer spirit and for the individual to make a difference.  Though there is room for growth and further becoming as a community, we are also stable both financially and in our foundations.

We strive to offer a balanced lifestyle including meaningful work, adequate vacations, health care, compensation and retirement.  We respect and value family life. 

Personal qualities and characteristics are an important part of being a coworker. In general, we are looking for highly motivated and capable people who are ready and able to take on responsibility for others besides themselves, are driven by the highest ideals, and want to have an impact in the world. Additionally, we look for people with a real interest in community living, in people with disabilities, a desire to develop their own personal and professional capacities and a willingness to work out of an understanding of human development based on Anthroposophy.

We also look for coworkers with a variety of other skills, such as cooking, cleaning, homemaking, arts, baking, music, land care, fiber arts, hand-crafts and gardening. Time management skills, flexibility, and the ability to work with diverse populations are also important.

Coworker Professional Development Opportunities

To ensure that the highest level of insightful care and inspired relationship are found in our intentional community, Plowshare Farm offers an orientation, health and safety courses and a social therapy training seminar.

Each house at Plowshare Farm carries license and certification and the day program carries certification from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services to provide care for persons with special needs. As a result of these licenses and certifications, a number of courses are required in the areas of health and safety, including: CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration, fire safety, rights and abuse. These courses are offered as an orientation and at least annually thereafter.

The social therapy seminar is the crown of our educational offerings.  This is a 2-4 year program of study in anthroposophy, the arts and social therapy which has its foundation in Camphill.  Plowshare Farm’s program is a Community-based Extension of the Camphill Academy. All coworkers at Plowshare Farm are enrolled in this seminar or have completed the seminar or another relevant training such as Waldorf teacher's training.

The seminar is completed through series of courses, professional development  seminars, conference and workshops both within the community and alongside seminarists from other Camphill or Anthroposophically-based communities in North America, on-going work in art and movement, and  anthroposophical study.

Additionally coworkers are supported in receiving continued education in workshop related fields such a biodynamic gardening and specific crafts.