Camphill Academy Fellowships at Plowshare Farm

Are you interested in pursuing college-level studies in the social therapy field (debt-free!) through the Camphill Academy while serving in a lifesharing role at Plowshare Farm?

Community Fellowship

Plowshare Farm practices Social Therapy (supporting adults with special needs through inclusive community building) and offers Community Fellowships to those participating in Camphill Academy's Social Therapy Program at Plowshare.

Community Fellows in the Social Therapy Program are integrated into life and work at Plowshare, gaining practical experience while pursuing their studies. The curriculum includes academic and artistic coursework alongside community-based practice in Social Therapy. The experience of life and work in the community forms an integral part of fellows' educational experience and provides the foundation for the growth of their personal and professional capacities as practitioners of Social Therapy.

For more information about our Community Fellowships, please email or call (603) 547-2547.


About the Camphill Academy

Camphill Academy (formerly the School of Curative Education and Social Therapy) is the higher education community of Camphill in North America. The Academy is a community of learning rooted in the life and work of the Camphill Movement in North America. It aims to provide a path of transformative learning that allows individuals to unfold their potential to contribute to the healing of the human being, society and the earth.

Camphill Academy provides professional education and certification in Anthroposophic Curative Education, Youth Guidance, Social Therapy and related fields, through practice-integrated courses of study, embedded in the life and work of participating communities and organizations, including Plowshare Farm.

For more information, visit Camphill Academy’s website or contact Plowshare Farm's Program Director. To apply, go to:

"Participating in the Camphill Academy course adds another layer of richness to my experience at Plowshare Farm. Not only do I have the opportunity to study the many facets of social therapy but I get to integrate what I learn into my everyday work. The chance to learn about myself and the others with whom I work and live is a different model from what I experienced in the corporate world. It's a welcome change."

--Jennifer Locke, Student of Social Therapy