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Bringing Joy, Purpose and Meaning to Life


About Plowshare Farm
Plowshare Farm is a lifesharing community in Southern New Hampshire where people with and without developmental disabilities live and work side by side. Lifesharing is a dramatic alternative to traditional group homes or institutional settings. At Plowshare, people with and without special needs live together in a true community, sharing all aspects of daily life in extended family households. Everyone participates in meaningful work, experiencing life with a sense of dignity and purpose. And basic to Plowshare’s way of life is our commitment to caring for the land and sustainability. Our work is inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and is affiliated with Camphill, a worldwide lifesharing movement. Ultimately, life at Plowshare Farm is built upon the recognition of each individual’s spiritual wholeness. Our focus is not on disability, but on capability.


On behalf of the Plowshare community, we want to say a huge thank you to Gary Goldsmith, Sim Sadler, and everyone at GG Creative Services whose love, devotion and endless gifted labor made this project possible.

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