2018-19 Year of Service

Plowshare Farm is seeking candidates for a year-long, live-in service and learning opportunity in sustainability, Anthroposophy and sharing life with others, including people with developmental disabilities, at our lifesharing community and working farm in Greenfield, New Hampshire. We are currently accepting applicants for the August 2018 to August 2019 service year. This is a great gap year opportunity for students considering a year off before or during college. Spend a year gaining skills and insights for a lifetime!

To submit an inquiry about this opportunity, click here or continue to the bottom of this page.

We are seeking people with:

  • hearts wide enough to include others in 'home'
  • hands and feet ready for the many tasks in a sustainability-oriented community
  • and heads ripe for new learning

Responsibilities include:

  • Living in and helping to carry one of our lifesharing homes where people with disabilities, coworkers, and volunteers live together in a community-based setting. This includes supporting residents with disabilities in activities of daily living along with work in the household.
  • Participation in 1-2 workshop areas, depending on community need and personal interest, such as biodynamic farming and gardening, baking, woodworking, wool and fiber arts, and helping to run our Local Share community cafe.

Benefits include:

  • Free room and board, medical insurance, and monthly pocket money.
  • Two free days per week and six weeks vacation per year.
  • Gain skills in traditional trades (woodwork, pottery, metalwork, wax, wool, baking and more).
  • Train in biodynamic agriculture and farming (including raising and caring for sheep, cows, and chickens).
  • Learn and practice skills in sustainable living (energy production and heating, growing and harvesting our own food, getting milk and eggs from our own animals, tapping maple trees for syrup, etc).

For more information, submit a volunteer inquiry here.